FAQ – 27th Virtual San Diego Latino Film Festival

Is the 2020 edition of the San Diego Latino Film Festival cancelled? 

The 27th annual San Diego Latino Film Festival that was set to take place between March 12th-22nd, 2020 was postponed on its opening day in response to the public health orders by the state of California due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, our festival was postponed to an undetermined future date. We have now decided to hold SDLFF in a virtual capacity on September 17th-27th, 2020. 

Why hold SDLFF virtually? 

Certain factors played into our decision to pursue a virtual route for our festival but the most significant, responsible, and compelling one was the health of our supporters, filmmakers, special  guests, and staff. San Diego County has seen a surge in positive test results and community outbreaks. It would also be negligent to fail to acknowledge that the Latino community has been hit the hardest by this pandemic in San Diego– as of mid-August, Latinos in San Diego account for 62% of the positive test results in the county. The disproportionate effect this virus has had on our community is alarming– and we do not want to contribute in any way to further transmissions of this virus. The well being of our community members is our top priority. 

If I already bought a pass or tickets to the festival will it be honored? 

YES! If you had previously purchased a pass or tickets to a screening in March, your purchase will be honored for the virtual film festival. If you have purchased passes or tickets, you will receive an email from us on how to redeem them for the virtual festival. 

Will you be playing the same films you were planning to in March 2020? 

We will have the majority of films from the original line-up available. Unfortunately, a select number of titles are unavailable for a number of reasons including distribution deals, theatrical agreements, or are now available on SVOD.

What if I purchased tickets to a film that is no longer available for the virtual edition of the festival? 

If you purchased tickets to a film that is not available for the virtual edition of the festival we’ll provide you with a credit to watch one of the other films at this year’s festival. With over 130 films in our line-up from Latinos all over the world there is a lot of content to choose from! 

Can I watch films at any time or are they scheduled? 

All films are scheduled. You have a three-hour window to rent the film and start it. Once you start the film you have 24 hours to finish watching it. It is advisable that you BEGIN the film at the scheduled start time so you can join us for any after screening Live Q&A’s which will begin after the film’s credits roll. For example, if a 90 minute film begins at 7:00PM, and there is a Q&A after the film, the discussion will begin around 8:30PM. If you start late, don’t worry. The Q&A will be available to you after you finish the film. 

Can I watch any of the films outside of the San Diego Region? 

All films are available to the entire California region. Others include the USA. A select number of films will also be available to Baja California audiences. Check film pages to see which region the film is available in. 

Will there be Q&A’s?

YES! One of the things that make film festivals so special are the fact audiences can interact with filmmakers immediately after experiencing their work. We will be having Q&A’s for multiple screenings all depending on availability. 

Can I rewind or start a feature film or shorts program after I press play? 

Yes. As long as you watch before 24 hours after the initial purchase time. 

How do I purchase a pass to the virtual film festival? 

If you would like to purchase a pass to the film festival, head to the virtual festival by visiting Purchase your pass by selecting the pass and then enter your email address to create an account. You will then be prompted to enter your credit card information to complete the purchase of your pass. 

How do I purchase an individual ticket to a film? 

If you would like to purchase a ticket to an individual film, head to the virtual festival by visiting Here you can browse through all of the available films. Purchase your ticket by selecting UNLOCK and then enter your email address to create an account. You will then be prompted to enter your credit card information to complete the purchase of your ticket. 

Are films rated? 

Most films are unrated since they haven’t gone through the MPAA rating system in place in the US. We would recommend you pay special attention to film descriptions; some films delve into challenging content and the description will help you make a decision for your household. Our films tackle difficult subjects that may be triggering to some viewers. 

Can I watch live events from an Apple TV app? 

Live events are not available to watch through the Apple TV App. In order to participate in the Q&A during a live event, you will need to watch from a computer to use the chat feature within the player. You can also watch live events from a tablet or smartphone, however, these devices will have limited functionality in the chat. YOU CAN WATCH FESTIVAL CONTENT FROM YOUR SMART TV. Scroll down to read directions. 

Is there a way to create a festival watch list? 

You can create a watchlist using the MY CONTENT LIBRARY feature in the virtual festival. Add content to your library by unlocking the films that you would like to watch within the player. 

I bought a film and now it’s telling me to unlock it again. What should I do? 

Please confirm that you are logged in with the same email address or Facebook login you used to purchase your pass. You can login using the login link in the upper right corner of the screen, or if you’re not logged in at all you’ll be prompted to login after clicking ‘’UNLOCK NOW.’’

Why does the image quality of the film change sometimes? 

The quality of the films depends on a few factors: 

  1. Your internet speed. The player will auto-adjust to your internet speed. Your internet speed may change periodically based on how many users are on your home network, the time of day, etc. 
  2. The quality of the image depends on the source we receive. Please consider that we always use the best available material. 

How do I adjust the volume on the web player? 

  1. Hover the cursor over the video you are currently watching to make the video controls visible. 
  2. On the bottom left, the sound icon controls the volume. 
  3. To control how high or low the volume is, hover the cursor over the volume bar and click the left side to lower the volume or the right side to raise the volume. 


  1. Login to your Eventive account here:
  2. View your passes by clicking the pass icon in the upper right corner. 
  3. If you see DETAILS NEEDED in red next to your pass, click EDIT DETAILS to fill in information that might be missing. 
  4. Once you have updated your pass information, you are ready for the virtual festival. Click WATCH FESTIVAL to access the virtual festival.


There are different ways to watch your films from your computer to your TV. 

Here’s how to watch a film in our virtual platform through a browser: 

  1. Head to the virtual festival by visiting:
  2. Sign in to your Eventive account from the menut in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Click on the Catalog to see our full program. 
  4. Click on the film you want to watch. 
  5. Unlock film with your festival pass or choose to pay for one film for $12. 
  6. The film will load and begin playing once you click play. 


A way to watch a film on your tv is by directly connecting your computer to your TV via an HDMI cable. 

APPLE TV APP (Available for Apple TV models Gen 4 & higher)

  1. From your Apple TV device, launch the App Store. 
  2. Search for the EVENTIVE TV App and install the app. 
  3. Once the app is installed, it will ask for a code to connect to your Eventive Account. On your computer, navigate to and log in on the upper right-hand corner. 
  4. From the same menu, select TV APP SETUP and enter the code from your Apple TV. 

ROKU (Beta Version)

  1. From your  computer, tablet or smartphone, add the EVENTIVE channel to your TV by going here:
  2. Click OK when the BETA version pop-up comes up. 
  3. Click YES, ADD CHANNEL to add Eventive TV-BETA to your account.
  4. Once the app is installed, it will ask for a code to connect to your Eventive Account. On your computer, navigate to and log in on the upper right-hand corner. 


  1. Make sure your devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop, Apple TV or Smart TV) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 
  2. Using the Safari browser on your computer or device, go the AirPlay icon. 
  3. Connect to your Apple TV by entering the code. Your device screen should appear as a mirror on your TV
  4. If you are having audio sync issues when AirPlaying from your computer, try connecting from an iPhone or iPad. 
  5. If you are trying to AirPlay to a Smart TV, you must first select the film you want to watch from your Apple device and then select the AirPlay button from within the Eventive player. 


Stream directly from a tab in the Chrome internet browser to a TV connected to a Chromecast device from your Mac or PC computer. CHROMECAST IS NOT AVAILABLE TO CAST FROM APPLE IOS DEVICES LIKE THE IPHONE OR IPAD. 

  1. On the video page, open the Chrome menu in the upper right corner of the window and select Cast. Make sure the tab you want to be displayed is the one you are selecting to cast. 
  2. Select your Chromecast source and your Chromecast destination. Chromecast will then be connected and the video will be playing on your TV. 
  3. To disconnect from Chromecast, click the blue STOP icon next to your casting destination. 
  4. If there are any issues with the Chromecast stream, try setting the video to a lower quality.