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** Final film schedule/times to be announced & individual movie tickets available after February 28th!

San Diego, CA: As every year, the San Diego Latino Film Festival taking place March 13-23 will have a great selection of international films for its Cine Gay showcase, including Mexican documentary Quebranto, an intimate and telling story about a child actor from the 1970s who after the movies announced he would live as a woman.

“This year’s Cine Gay Showcase is a diverse group made up of films that explore identity and sexuality through a distinctly political and social lens. The festival has long prided itself on highlighting this kind of diverse and constructive discourse,” said Glenn Heath, festival artistic director.

Included in Cine Gay this year is a documentary from Mexico and short films from Spain, Brazil and Puerto Rico, all which are in alignment with the festival’s mission to highlight the complex and unique experiences of the Latino LGBT community.

“In their unique ways, each film, be in documentary or narrative, pushes back against the stereotypes and clichés often forced upon the LGBT community. As a result, they provide a foundation for a dialogue about equality and human rights,” Heath added.

This year’s feature films include:

Quebranto (Documentary)
Screening DATE TBA
Dir. Roberto Fiesco
(Mexico, 92 min., 2013, Spanish with English subtitles)

Fernando Garcia Ortega, known as “Pinolito,” was in some of the most popular films in Mexico in the 1970’s, like El hijo de los pobres (1975) and Los hermanos del viento (1977). He was the ultimate child star. Fernando came out as a transvestite some years ago, and now calls himself Coral Bonelli. The documentary tells Fernando’s story and his mothers, Lilia Ortega, who was also an actress in the seventies. They live together and yearn for their past in the movies, while Coral bravely comes to terms with her gender identity.

Margarita (Narrative)
Screening DATE TBA
Dirs. Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert
(Canada, 90 min., 2012, English)

A combination of complacency and bad investments leaves power couple Ben and Gail just about broke. To cut costs they fire their teen-aged daughter’s lesbian Mexican nanny, Margarita, an action that completely uproots all sense of cohesion in the household. Margarita is a tender drama that gets at the heart of unlikely friendships and the rash actions that can potentially taint them forever.

El Cańaveral (Documentary)
Screening DATE TBA
Dir. Samuel Lopez
(El Salvador, 58 min., 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
Fearing for his life, Joaquín, an HIV+ gay Salvadorian political activist, seeks asylum in Canada but the outcome of his refugee claim looks bleak. He is summoned to the Border Agency where he will receive the response to his refugee claim. Brutally frank and perceptive, Samuel Lopez’s documentary looks closely at how identity and ideology converge in one man’s pursuit of sanctuary.

Yo, Indocumentada (Documentary)
Screening DATE TBA
Dir. Andrea Raranenko
(Venezuela, 61 min., 2012, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
Tamara, Desiree, and Victoria are all Venezuelan women from different walks of life. On first glance, this lawyer, stylist, and art student have very little in common. However, each carries an identification card that bears a different name. Each is a transsexual woman who have changed their gender. But the Venezuelan government does not recognize their transition. In fact, the country still suffers from rampant homophobia and prejudice. Andrea Raranenko’s stunning documentary is protest art at its finest, giving these subjects a voice in order to make a change, both personally and nationally.

And being co-presented by FilmOut San Diego, the Cine Gay Shorts include (DATE TBA): Solsticio (Spain, 2013, 20 min., Spanish w/English subtitles), Antes de Palavras (Brazil, 2013. 13 min., Portuguese w/English subtitles), Bajo el último Techo (México, 2013. 12 min., Spanish w/English subtitles), Alex y Fabio ya no Están (Puerto Rico, 2013. 18 min., Spanish w/English subtitles), O Pacote (Brazil, 2013. 19 min., Portugese w/ English subtitles), You’re dead to Me (USA, 2013. 13 min, English), O ser un Elefante , (Mexico, 2013. 8 min., Spanish w/English subtitles) and Carreteras (Mexico, 2013. 10 min, Spanish w/English subtitles).

The San Diego Latino Film Festival will at the UltraStar Cinemas in Mission Valley 7510 Hazard Center Dr., and will also be showcasing films with such celebrities as John Leguizamo, Jaime Camil and Gael Garcia Bernal.

For all film lovers, festival passes are now on sale. The All Access Festival Pass which includes over 150 programs costs $200 and the Film Pass offering entrance to 11 films is selling for $100.

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