Country of Focus Showcase: Colombia

The rise in prestige of Colombian cinema can be attributed to various factors: tax incentives for local productions, cash rebates for films fully or partially filmed there, and agencies like Proimágenes Colombia being committed to promoting Colombian cinema in in their homeland and abroad. It’s no surprise that production has surged over the last several years, and as a result, the bounty of quality Colombian films have proven to be irresistible to festivals all over the world, including ours. Even Hollywood has taken notice- this year, Ciro Guerra earned Colombia its first film nomination for Embrace of the Serpent. Despite the incentives and factors of production, one thing remains true (and punctuated by our selection of films): Colombian cinema has proven to be one of the most successful in Latin America because of filmmakers’ implicit understanding of the art of modern, captivating, and original storytelling. It is with the most utmost pleasure that we present the line-up of our sure to be remembered Country of Focus Showcase: Colombia.

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Films to be screened in this showcase include:

Alias María
Dir. José Luis Rugeles
(Colombia / Argentina / France, 92 min., 2015, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama / War)
3/12 / 8:15 / S3
3/14 / 6:05 / DGC
3/16 / 6:00 / S10

María, a 13-year-old guerrilla soldier, is burdened with the mission of bringing her commander’s newborn baby to safety in a neighboring town. However, Maria also has a secret to hide, her pregnancy, and must figure out what she’ll do with the baby she’s expecting. Through Maria’s eyes, the devastating effects of Colombia’s armed conflict are laid bare. Country of Focus Showcase: Colombia.

Bastards y Diablos
Dir. A.D. Freese
(Colombia / USA, 99 min., 2015, English, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Adventure / Drama)
3/13 / 9:30 / S2
3/19 / 1:15 / S10
3/20 / 8:15 / S2

Ed and Dion are half-Colombian half brothers,raised in the U.S. and estranged from their father, their roots, and each other. After their father’s death, they reunite and travel together to Bogotá to fulfil the wishes in their father’s will, only to find a mysterious set of instructions sending them on an unexpected journey all over Colombia, re-discovering their connection to Colombia and to each other. Country of Focus Showcase: Colombia.

Carta a una sombra
Dir. Daniela Abad, Miguel Salazar
(Colombia, 70 min., 2015, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
3/12 / 5:45 / S10
3/18 / 4:30 / S9

In August, 1987, someone killed university professor, human rights activist, and doctor Héctor Abad Gómez on the streets of Medellin, Colombia. Who would be interested in silencing the pioneer of public health in Colombia? Directors Miguel Salazar and Daniela Abad, Héctor’s granddaughter, create a poignant portrait of a remarkable man whose family still grieves his loss. Country of Focus Showcase: Colombia.

Que viva la música
Dir. Carlos Moreno
(Colombia, 101 min., 2015, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama)
3/13 / 4:15 / S3
3/17 / 4:30 / S2
3/20 / 9:45 / S9

Dissatisfied by her privileged existence, a young woman decides to give herself over to the hedonism Cali, her city, has to offer. Her affinity for music and dancing maintains the unity of her mind and body, as she seeks redemption through a bold, delicious, and resplendent self-destruction. Country of Focus Showcase: Colombia.

Dir. Klych López
(Colombia, 111 min., 2015, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama)
3/10 / 4:00 / DGC
3/14 / 8:30 / S2
3/20 / 4:15 / S3

Lucia is on the verge of losing her mortgage, placing her family and the rest of the tenants that live with her under the threat of eviction. The inhabitants pin their hopes on Julieta, Lucia’s daughter, whose new job at the Palace of Justice promises financial salvation. However, a guerilla attack at Julieta’s job leaves the building engulfed in flames. As Lucia and the rest of the inhabitants scramble find Julieta after the attack, puzzling accounts of her whereabouts leads them down a path that will change them forever. Country of Focus Showcase: Colombia.

Ticket Prices:

Individual Movie Tickets:

General Admission – $11.50
Senior/Student/Military – $9.50
Member rate – $8.50

Screenings to take place at AMC Fashion Valley 18 & MACSD’s very-own Digital Gym CINEMA North Park (2921 El Cajon Blvd, SD, CA 92104).