SAN DIEGO.- After receiving a record number of entries for its annual international poster design competition, the Media Arts Center San Diego unveiled the winning artwork that will be the face of the 23rd Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival (SDLFF), on Dec. 3, at the Border X Brewery in Barrio Logan.


See photos of the event here:

The 23rd Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival will take place from March 10-20 at AMC 18 Simon Fashion Valley Mall.

From the 512 entries received, a selection committee made up of industry professionals chose a Top 10, which included two graphic design students from San Diego State University and a Tijuana artist.  These posters were in exhibit at the event which included the local finalists, filmmakers, members of the press and other special guests.

“We put out this call for posters because the San Diego Latino Film Festival is about community involvement,and community engagement.  It’s all about teaching people about Cine Latino, about la cultura”, said Ethan van Thillo, director and founder of the SDLFF.

“Over 500 artists from around the world, including Iran, Russia and Germany, decided to make a poster about Cine Latino, twenty three years ago when we started this would not have been possible, but because of all the people supporting the San Diego Latino Film Festival and all the amazing filmmakers like (Alejandro González) Iñárritu and (Alfonso) Cuarón we now have amazing cinema winning Oscars. We should be very proud of that”, he said.

“Now we can announce for Cine Latino around the world and people are actually participating, this is an amazing accomplishment”.

Before revealing the winning  artwork, Van Thillo said: “We had an amazing jury made up of industry professionals and  it was a big process to select a winner.  You are going to like it, it’s fun”. The winners are graphic designers and artists  Elisa Baldissera and Luigi Leto from Italy, who have been working together since 2012.  She mostly works on illustration and he on lettering, but “there are really no fixed roles.  The important thing is to have an idea that convinces both”.

“Coming up with a design to represent Latino Cinema was easy for the duo” said Baldissera.

“The word Latino triggered in our minds a million different images, from scenes of Breaking Bad in these boundless desert landscapes to the beautiful Oaxacan sculptures”, she said.

Once they had these images, Baldissera explained that they used an armadillo in their poster design because they love animals and they often use them in their works.

“We choose the armadillo as icon because all twenty varieties of the armadillo, except one, live in Latin America, and  this strange animal fit perfectly with a (film reel)”, she said.

“It was a sudden idea, but we knew it would work. We also participated with another poster, but this one we felt made the strongest impact”.

“We see the armadillo as an indigenous, fantastical and fun alebrije that will guide us through our 23rd  edition of the Film Festival,” Van Thillo added.

The winners received $1,000, sponsored by Flavored Layers.  Baldissera said they plan on reinvesting the prize to promote their art.


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