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Presented by: San Diego Pride
Additional support provided by: Family Health Centers of San Diego
Community Partner: FilmOut San Diego

Feature Films:

¡Gaytino! Made in America
Dir. Dan Guerrero
(USA, 75 min., 2019, English, Musical Dramedy)
Mariachi to Merman. Sondheim to Cesar Chavez. Decades of Mexican-American/Chicano and LGBTQ history intersect from a personal perspective in story and song. Touching, provocative and hilarious, Guerrero brings his solo play to the screen after nationwide critically acclaimed performances. ¡Somos! Cine LGBTQ+ Films Showcase.

Maria Luiza
Dir. Marcelo Díaz
(Brazil, 80 min., 2019, Portuguese w/ English subtitles, Documentary)
Maria Luiza is the first transgender in the Brazilian Armed Forces. After 22 years of work, she is retired due to disability. The movie investigates the motivations for her being prohibited to wear the feminine uniform and her trajectory into affirmation as a transgender, military and Catholic woman. ¡Somos! Cine LGBTQ + Films Showcase.

Segunda estrella a la derecha
Dir. Ruth Caudeli
(Colombia, 82 min., 2019, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama)
Emilia is a 30-something bisexual woman who refuses to grow up like her best friends already have. Angélica, one of Emilia’s friends, is getting married. Her other friends, Clara and Renata, seem to have all their lives figured out: amazing jobs, family, kids… While Emilia is still living with her mother and trying to define her relationship with Mariana, her sometimes lover. Her life becomes even messier when she is fired from her job and she is forced to make grown-up decisions. ¡Somos! Cine LGBTQ + Films Showcase.

Todos cambiamos
Dir. Arturo Montenegro
(Panama, 92 min., 2019, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama)
Federico, the patriarch of a well-to-do Panamanian family, begins the process of becoming the woman he was always meant to be, Lizzie. As Lizzie navigates the complexities of transitioning; judgments and societal pressures threaten to tear her family apart. ¡Somos! Cine LGBTQ + Films Showcase.

Tu Me Manques
Dir. Rodrigo Bellott
(Bolivia / United States, 105 min., 2019, Spanish w/ English subtitles; English, Drama)
In this tender exploration of acceptance and loss, José (Oscar Martinez) travels to New York City to make sense of his son Gabriels’ suicide– and to get much-needed answers from his boyfriend, Sebastián. As their differences melt away, their pain and grief are incorporated into Sebastián’s transcendent new play: A revolutionary act of queer liberation and homage to Gabriel. ¡Somos! Cine LGBTQ + Showcase.

Yo, imposible
Dir. Patricia Ortega
(Venezuela / Colombia, 97 min., 2018, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama)
Ariel is a young religious dressmaker who after a failed sexual encounter, discovers a secret her family has tried to hide all of her life: she was born intersex but after a corrective surgery was raised a girl. A decision is now on her horizon, she can either keep living as a socially accepted but oppressed woman or live her life as an intersexual person and face the judgments of society. ¡Somos! Cine LGBTQ + Showcase.


  • Acuitzeramo; Dir. Miguel Angel Caballero; Country: USA; Language: English, Spanish; Runtime: 15.75 mins
  • The Bony Lady (La Flaca); Dir. Thiago Zanato, Adriana Barbosa; Country: Mexico; Language: Spanish; Runtime: 20 mins
  • The Door She Opened; Dir. Richard O’Connor; Country: USA; Language: English; Runtime: 2.75 mins
  • The Original; Dir. Michelle Garza Cervera; Country: United Kingdom; Language: English; Runtime: 13.25 mins
  • Reflections; Dir. Vickie Rose Sampson; Country: USA; Language: English; Runtime: 8.25 mins
  • La Sad Boy; Dir. Edwin Alexis Gómez; Country: USA; Language: English, Spanish; Runtime: 12.5 mins
  • Selma After the Rain; Dir. Loli Menezes; Country: Brazil; Language: Portuguese; Runtime: 11.5 mins
  • La Soledad de Artemio Vol. 1; Dir. Juan Carlos R. Larrondo; Country: México; Language: Spanish; Runtime: 20 mins
  • Spring; Dir. Rafael Ruiz Espejo; Country: Mexico; Language: Spanish; Runtime: 11.25 mins
  • White Ink; Dir. Jacqueline Grajales; Country: USA; Language: English; Runtime: 13.5 mins

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Presented by: San Diego Pride
Additional support provided by: Family Health Centers of San Diego
Community Partner: FilmOut San Diego

Info/Tickets: 619-230-1938 or


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